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The Sensible And Reliable Guidelines To Gambling:

luxury casino responsible gamblingGambling is a pastime meant for pure pleasure and enjoyment at your leisure. It should never end up being a predicament so it’s wise to be sure of your expenditure and the amount of spare time you have before embarking on any gameplay. Players should remain in control at all times when gambling and it should never turn out to be a dilemma.

By keeping a clear head and staying away from any gambling complications that would otherwise arise, it is recommended that players take note of the advice given below:

Set out a spending limit before continuing to play an online casino game.
Trying to get back any losses that you may incur along the way could well end up becoming greater.
Keep a check on the length of time you play for and how many times you play.
Take a breath while you are in the lead with your winnings and decide on when it’s the right moment to cease play.
Gambling is meant for pleasure and enjoyment, it is there to entertain you and not as a get rich quick scheme or as a way to clear off any arrears you may have.

If you have any fears or doubts concerning issues with gambling difficulties or even if your just interested to know how you would fair in this then go to the ”Self Assessment Test” to see what your score is.

Further details can be learned on this subject by going to or by telephone to 1800 522 4700 or you can go to for the Gamblers Anonymous.


How To Go About Self Banning:

Players are urged to remain level headed at all times and in control of the game they are playing. If however you get the feeling it is slipping out of your control you can ask for help in narrowing your connection into the Casino. This can be done by giving you a week to get yourself back on track or alternatively you can have a duration of approximately 1 month, 3 months or 6 months of self-banning.

For the self-banning to become applicable a player would need to put the appeal in writing and send the email to the Casino, ensuring that the same email address you provided when signing up with the Casino is used. The Casino support team will offer instructions on what to explain in the email and on where to then send the appeal.

Minimizing of the deposit limitations are easily accessible every day, week and month. The support team will use their best effort to make sure they accomplish all that you ask for as promptly as possible. If you have already asked for deposits to be minimized and now would like to raise them again please be aware that you will have to wait until 24 hours have passed.

You can get in touch with support at Luxury Casino whether it’s in the daytime, evening or night time, and they will gladly help you as quickly as possible.

It is worth remembering that the Casino will set a time of six months of exclude if players have not stated the length of time they would like to be absent for.

Important: Casino Rewards has in its power to shut down accounts for the foreseeable future.

Casino Reservations And Underage Gambling rules:

No person below 18 years old will be allowed to play at Luxury Casino. Depending on the country the person is residing in, the law for gambling sometimes can differ to this. The age of which that country states to be old enough to to play in any casino should be abided and the age that is of the highest is the one that person should go by.

It is against the law for any minor to play at Luxury Casino and if in the event of discovering a person that is not eligible to play then the Casino will make any winnings that may have been made, null and void at once. The Casino has the entitlement to ask any person entering the Casino to prove their legal age to assure that gameplay from any person of under age will be avoided.

The country a person resides in must legally allow gambling and the person has to make sure that joining in online casinos is not forbidden.

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